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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reading Strategies for Unknown Words

I love Lucy Calkins and her Reader's Workshop curriculum.  I have been using her writing curriculum for three years and this is the first year I use it for Reader's Workshop.  These last two weeks have been, by far, my favorite.  We are currently teaching a non-fiction unit and our students have been so engaged and willing to try different non-fiction strategies.  They've learned how to use apposition to identify the meaning of unknown words, have learned that key words such as is/are has/have are used to describe, and discovered that prepositions tell us the location, purpose, or frequency of a given topic.

Today's lesson (Students will be able to, better known as SWBAT, read unknown words by using syllabication and chunking) proved to be extremely effective, especially for my students reading at an independent level K.  We even added a third strategy, searching for affixes.  I charted the strategies out and students practiced during Reader's Workshop.  I also typed it out to have it as a reference for my small group instruction.
I can't read a word! Now what?!? Poster I made

This week we began spiraling all the 2nd grade standards to prepare for our California state test, the CST. One of the reasons why we added the affix strategy is because we have been reviewing our prefixes and suffixes for a few weeks.  One student was able to link reading affixes with reading unknown words.  Way to go! Below, you'll find some Affix flashcards and I Have, Who Has? game you can find in my TPT store.  Feel free to pin ;)

Affix Flashcards *super useful for small group intervention

Prefix/Suffix I Have Who Has Game *Great to review and/or for a center

And finally, to join in on all the linking party fun, here's my CURRENTLY from Farley @ www.ohboy3rdgrade.blogspot.com.  Students see me as Hilarious because I talk about farts and picking our noses.  My friends think I'm Happy because they always see me smiling and laughing.  Finally, my family knows I am Honest because integrity is a value I live by.
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