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Friday, March 2, 2012

Writing strategies to get kids to write

I have a student this year that does not like to write.  Early in January, I presented my concerns to my colleagues.  We came up with a list of possible solutions to get him to write.  Guess what! I've only tried a few and they have worked!  It turns out that my student just needed to look at writing differently.  Anyway, I thought I post the list in case we you were in a similar situation.  The ones with an asterisk are the strategies that I've tried so far.

How to get students writing

   1.    Make the writing center fun with different types of paper (glossy, print, construction), different type of scissors (think scrapbooking), stickers, glitter…
   2.    Include visuals/pictures on graphic organizers.  For example, when retelling, put a face of a person for characters, a house for setting, and so on.   
   *3.    Use student’s work for your mini lessons to build confidence
   *4.    Partner student with a “talker” to get ideas flowing and with a writer that starts and finishes a writing piece to get student writing.
   *5.    Use stickers after each line that has been written for motivation
   6.    Let student know he/she will only receive treats at publishing party if piece is complete.    
   *7.    Instead of having 8 lines in paper, show only 3 lines so that he/she will not feel overwhelmed
   8.    Dictate his/her stories 
   9.    Find a dictation application to download
  10. Find ways to write about other subject areas he/she likes (like math)
  11. Record student during recess/lunch, have student describe what happened as he/she is watching, have him/her use the video to write
  *12.  On day 1 do guided writing, on day 2 independent writing. 
   13.  Camera for the weekend; have student take pictures, talk about it, and write about the pictures taken.
  14. Use comic strips
  15. Diary; back and forth communication with a person that’s important to him/her like a teacher, best friend, sibling. 
  16. Have student rewrite favorite books and/or series of books.  Mr. & Ms. Happy work well as well as Do It Yourself Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  *17. Checklist for writing (Step 1: Get ideas….)
   18. Sticker stories
   19.  Reading/writing plays
  20.  Poetry; haikus are short
  21.  Speech debate structures that students are passionate about
  22.  Use music to listen to as he/she is writing
  23. Rewriting lyrics to favorite songs
  24. Find student’s favorite t.v. show, get format of t.v. show, get him/her to talk/write that way (ex.  My favorite is news.  I will talk like a news reporter and write as a news reporter. )  
  25. Write kinesthetically.  Write a page, bounce a ball.
  26. Writing buddy; change the environment around.
  27. Provide the tools he/she likes at home as well
  28. Figure out parent’s attitude towards writing and give them helpful tips on how to make writing fun at home. 

I'm also attaching a FREEBIE on subtraction and addition with regrouping flash cards.  I will be using these as a center throughout the month of March.  Please feel free to upload and PIN if you like.  Don't forget to become a follower for more freebies.  :)
Subtraction + Addition with Regrouping. 

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  1. Thanks for all of the ideas! I have one that rushes through all of his writing. He has such great potential, I know it's there!!

    1. I hope the list helps out. Like I've said, I've tried a few of the strategies and I've seen results. I would love an update if you try any these or other new strategies that can be added to the list. Thanks for posting and don't forget to follow my blog. :)

  2. I love your blog! Great ideas and I appreciate you sharing. I'm your newest follower!